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Laundry on the line

On being small and getting tall – a piece of theater for ages 2 and up


A pile of white sheets … two, three clothes lines … suddenly, there is a sound, something is moving … someone or something is alive in there … two creatures slowly crawl out. Who
are they? Are they young or old? Male or female? Big or small? The audience watches as the two discover themselves, one step at a time. They stumble towards and away from each other, get tangled up and untangled and maybe they even find something … a sock, a pair of pants, love?

Director Taki Papaconstantinou plays with the story of life from the first cellular division to walking upright. From being a child to growing up. Theater from the very beginning with live accordion music.

laundry on the line is nominated for the Ikarus-prize 2013.

World premiere: November 16, 2012, Berlin
Duration: 30 minutes + 15 minutes of post-performance playtime

Featuring: Minouche Petrusch, Günther Lindner und Silke Lange (accordion)

Direction and concept by: Taki Papaconstantinou | Stage design and concept by: Martina Schulle | Composition by: Silke Lange | Dramaturgy by: Dagmar Domrös

Funded by the Grant for Innovative Approaches of the Fund for Performing Arts (Fonds Darstellende Künste).


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