kling, kleines ding* | pling, little thing*

Musical performance for ages 2 and up
Voices, shadows, stone . . .  on this earth at home


Are stones our silent companions? How can they be transformed into playmates, building materials and musical instruments by our imagination? Three people meet in a landscape of stones. Each of them discovers it on their own. One sees the order within the seeming chaos, another hears the sound of the stones. Careful at first and only concerned with themselves, they begin to play a game with each other. This is a game of fascinating ideas and sounds; that moves from random chance to an idea and from an idea to a plan that takes shape.
A small musical kingdom of stones tell a story of ageless matter, its rules and the human freedom of play. After the performance the children are invited to explore their own ideas and underscore them with sound.

"...in this enchanting performance of sound  [...] the air crackles until the cathartic discharge" (Berliner Zeitung, 2012)

World premiere: September 15, 2011, Berlin
Duration: 30 minutes + 15 minutes of post-performance playtime

Acting, vocals and percussion by: Iduna Hegen, Uta Schulz, Andreas Pichler

Direction and composition by: Bernd Sikora | Stage and costume design by: Martina Schulle | Dramaturgy by: Dagmar Domrös

Funded by the Grant for Innovative Approaches of the Fund for Performing Arts (Fonds Darstellende Künste).

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