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Kokon | Cocoon

for ages 2 and up

It feels like a gentle dream when suddenly – crackle, crackle, chuckle – a mysterious being suddenly comes into the world. What now?
Actress Minouche Petrusch and musician Karlo Hackenberger take their young audience on a journey: from the very beginnings of life, passing through stages of metamorphosis and finally unfolding to freedom. Working nearly without language, they explore the territory from dreaming to
dancing using strong images and sensuous action. A cocoon can protect us. But it also hold us back. Throwing it off will feel airy and free. But it also makes us vulnerable. How can I be strong and soft at the same time? Vessel and flow? The players test it out – through trial and error – making the children accomplices in their play with the boundless possibilities of being.
cocoon was nominated for the Ikarus-prize in 2011.

"A small, nearly completely abstract piece of art that can also make a big impression on adults with its well though-out composition." (IKARUS jury, 2011)

World premiere: September 16, 2010, Berlin
Duration: 30 minutes + 15 minutes of post-performance playtime

Featuring: Minouche Petrusch and Karlo Hackenberger (ukulele)
Direction by: Ania Michaelis | Stage and costume design by: Martina Schulle | Dramaturgy by: Dagmar Domrös

Supported by the Berlin Cultural Affairs Departement, the Pankow Department for Culture and Education and the "Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V."

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